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#18 – Their Wives

In honor of valentines day, let’s take a minute and remember who the most underpaid and under appreciated person on the Youth Staff. Some are quick to say: “Yeah it is me!” but we all know that’s not true. Your wife is asked to be a volunteer, a participant, an example, a worship leader, a small group leader all while working her normal job and dealing with your schedule. If you haven’t said thank you in the past five minutes, shoot out a text like now. If you don’t appreciate her, talk to one of your youth girls about their girl problems this week. Wasn’t that annoying? Every week, that is your spouse’s life.

So today we salute you Mrs. Youth Pastor. Without you, not only would we be lost, we would have a man party every week.



#9. number dropping

One of the black-eye things that youth pastors love {and I’m not very proud to admit it} is number dropping.  You can’t get a group of youth pastors in a room for less than 30 min. without hearing some numbers being thrown around.  you know what I’m talking about.  “My youth ministry has 45 kids.”  “Well my youth ministry has 145… {in his mind… “beat that!”}”  I heard Doug Fields say once “You don’t say 5 to someone when they ask about how your family is doing… so why do we do this with our youth ministries?”  It’s a sad but true reality… youth pastors love number dropping.

#4. napkin strategies

youth pastors love the napkin.  It seems like all great strategies happen over a lunch meeting where neither party has with them a notebook or sheet of paper… but they do have the youth pastor’s greatest secret weapon… the NAPKIN.  believe me… the strategy would have been nothing had it not been formed on the napkin.  NEVER FEAR… NAPKIN IS HERE!