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#13. XBOX 360

Alright… let’s be honest.  Youth pastors LOVE video games.  We pass it off as being “culturally relevant” with our students… and some of us use gaming time on LIVE as “MINISTRY” time.  I once convinced my wife that I needed XBOX Live to connect with students in our youth ministry.  But… here’s the secret: We play because we like to.  It’s like gaming is written on the DNA code of a youth pastor.  and if that is true… we might as well embrace it!


#9. number dropping

One of the black-eye things that youth pastors love {and I’m not very proud to admit it} is number dropping.  You can’t get a group of youth pastors in a room for less than 30 min. without hearing some numbers being thrown around.  you know what I’m talking about.  “My youth ministry has 45 kids.”  “Well my youth ministry has 145… {in his mind… “beat that!”}”  I heard Doug Fields say once “You don’t say 5 to someone when they ask about how your family is doing… so why do we do this with our youth ministries?”  It’s a sad but true reality… youth pastors love number dropping.

#8. Messy Games

youth pastors love the messy game.  In fact, the messier, the better.  Channelling Joe Rogan… we all envision youth ministry as a giant “Fear Factor” episode… getting students to do and eat just about anything for the sake of a laugh.  In my youth ministry experience… we once made students bob for huge dill pickles in a vat of oatmeal with their elbows, decorated students as human sundaes, and made them transport un-sugared kool-aid in their mouths from one container to another.  like I said… youth pastors LOVE messy games.

#5. facial hair

whether it’s the beard, the gotee, or the soul patch… youth pastors like facial hair.  in fact… it’s almost a pre-requisite that you must have some sort of facial hair to even put your resume in for a youth pastor position.  personally… I can’t wait for the grizzly Adams youth pastor phase!