#19 – Old Music

We have all been there. We are at our big weekly meeting and we throw on our playlist and something amazing happens:

Nothing you play is relevant

You are still rocking out Five Score and Seven Years Ago by Relia

The fact is that we aren’t hip. 

It is a sad fact but a true one. We just love playing things that no one has ever heard. I had a youth leader just last week telling some kids about how they haven’t heard good rock music until they have heard Kutless. Here is the bad news: The music industry is changing. Here’s the good news: You aren’t called to be cool or hip. You are called to be a Pastor. Find out what music your kids like and play it. You don’t have to be hip to the scene. Just show your kids that there are positive alternatives to what they are listening to. This is just a confession from one guy who is not cool anymore to anyone else who is willing to listen.



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