#16 – Polo Shirts

These polo shirts make a statement. That statement is simply this: I am sophisticated but i am still fun. I can meet a parent AND demolish a thirteen year old in dodgeball. Polos provide that type of versatility. You can’t get that from a t shirt. Just try to. It won’t work.

Where you get these polos is immaterial. Your rookie YP will get them from a place like American Eagle and will spend 15-20 dollars on it. They do help make you even cooler but they are expensive. This becomes difficult to do on a sub 40k salary so they quickly change their game. They trade coolness for cost and begin to exclusively get their Sonoma brand polos from a wonderful place like Kohl’s. These YPs prove true the slogan: The more you know. The more you Kohl’s. Once they switch from AE. Kohl’s is the place for them.

So heres to you Mr. Commander of the Collared shirt. You have done well. You can shake a hand, make eye contact, look like a professional and be ready to get into a nerd battle without changing outfits. I, for one, am proud of you.


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