#13. XBOX 360

Alright… let’s be honest.  Youth pastors LOVE video games.  We pass it off as being “culturally relevant” with our students… and some of us use gaming time on LIVE as “MINISTRY” time.  I once convinced my wife that I needed XBOX Live to connect with students in our youth ministry.  But… here’s the secret: We play because we like to.  It’s like gaming is written on the DNA code of a youth pastor.  and if that is true… we might as well embrace it!


4 responses to “#13. XBOX 360

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  2. youthpastoradam

    I love to play video games, but I really stink at them. The truth is is that I don’t even own a video games system. I haven’t been able to convince my wife that it’s really a ministry expense. Can I write it off on my taxes?

  3. I’m not religious, but it’s pretty cool that priests like videogames! remember, spread love!

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